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How does Donate The Difference Work?

We are an affiliate site to a major Internet market place. As such we recieve a percent comision off of every purchse that is made after a customer clicks on one of our weblinks. This amount is in addition to any charitable commitments of the Internet Market place, which we are an affiliate, may make. We then take the comission from these purchase and use them to fund and support a number of non-profit orginizations.

What if I have a problem with an Order?

Due to the fact that we are an affiliate marketplace we do not send out or process any orders directly. Any orders that may arise should be directed to the Internet Market Place we are an affiliate of at....https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_gt2_myo_more?nodeId=201945500

How can I know my money is being used properly?

We are a registered non-profit orginization and as such are required to meet IRS Non-profit standards. These rules ensure that we utilize all funds in a manner that matches IRS section 501 (C). We also, strive to provide further reasurance to those who donate to our company and who shop through our site by sponsoring specific causes from time to time, and also through maintaining a history of our donations through our blog. Which can be acessed through our menue bar under 'About'.

How can I suggest a non-profit for a donation?

We are always searching for worthy non-profit organizations to support. If you have a non-profit you wish to suggest feel free to contact us through our 'Contact' page. We ask that you provide your name, and tell us whether you are a private citizen or a member of the suggested organization. We do reserve the right to choose the organizations and portion of funds following any and all dontations, as well as any comissions from our afilliate connection. We do not provide funding to politically focused organizations. We strive to give financial support to humanitarian efforts, medical research, and education programs. We understand that there are many different efforts being made worldwide, and we ask that all suggestions be made with an understanding that we have both limited funds to support all the worth causes in the world.

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