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As an organization we always strive to expand our ability to make a difference. To accomplish our mission we need both financial and public support from those who use our site. Will you help us?...Donations and your internet shopping is a great place to start. Second, you can like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram. This will assist us on expanding our Customer base, and as a result increase our funding to make a difference.

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Although our organization seeks to donate funds through commission from your online purchases, we are always looking for additional funds in the form of direct donations. These funds go directly into our donations to a variety of nonprofit organizations. For cause specific donations visit our causes page.

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Like what we do? Like us On Facebook. Social media has become a huge tool for both businesses and non-profits. You can help us market our site by liking our Facebook page and any of our ongoing posts. Please feel free to share our posts and comment as well. The more you interact with our page, the more people will be likely to encounter our content. This will help us gain public awareness and will help us encourage others to come to our site to Donate the Difference. 

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Help us gain a greater a greater reach into the consumer market by following us on Instagram. Make sure to like our photos and regular posts, and we will keep you updated on new causes and developments in the world of Donate the Difference. Become a part of our team by becoming a follower of Donate The Difference.

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A great way to stay up to date is by subscribing to our emails! Each email is a newsletter of our ongoing projects and new causes. We want to show you how Donate the Difference works, and hopefully encourage you to spread the word.


Our organization seeks to donate funds through a commission from your online purchases at no additional cost to you. We then use the funds from a commission to help fund a number of non-profit organizations. To encourage our customers to Donate the Difference, we have built an online affiliate market place to help provide you with products you both want and need. Thank you for browsing our sites merchandise to see what you can do to Donate the Difference!

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